About Us

Andersen Architects

We are a small but mighty team. All of our staff come from backgrounds in custom residential design, and have over 25 years of combined experience. We do not adhere to any prescriptive aesthetic. Rather, we look for inspiration from the homeowner, as well as the existing home, site, or neighborhood. Leveraging Ethan's years of working on hundreds of residential projects, we are able to streamline the design process and balance dreams with pragmatism. After all, a house unbuilt is not a home. 

Ethan Andersen has been in private practice since 2011. At age 28 he started Drafting Cafe, which provides architectural services to those who already have a completed design. Drafting Cafe is still the backbone of Andersen Architects, leveraging the knowledge base, processes and technologies that make Drafting Cafe so efficient. This synergy allows Andersen Architects to focus on design, knowing that production tasks (measurements, as-built plans, permit drawings, etc) and other aspects of the project are fully managed.


Ethan Andersen, Principal Architect